Photo by Madison Parr

My name is Avery Heeringa and I'm a junior at Columbia College Chicago studying Communication and Journalism. I have a big passion for all things popular culture and music related, and hope to be an entertainment and music writer/journalist a magazine. Through my work in classes at Columbia College, particularly Reviewing the Arts, I've gotten the chance to  write about a variety of topics and strengthen my abilities. I invite you to explore my work!
"Avery is an attentive and insightful writer who is aware of new trends and knows how to contribute to diverse conversations that invite others to speak. He is also loyal and supportive of his peers in that he will defend anyone despite challenges. He would make a great teammate in a workspace."  
-Dr. Grace Y. Choi, Columbia College Chicago

Avery was great to work with; he not only had a positive attitude, a fun personality and was always eager to assist above and beyond his general duties. His attention to detail and willingness to ask questions while providing follow up made him a valuable member of SHOUT. Avery was able to handle various tasks assigned at the same time and executed them efficiently; he would be a great addition to any team.
-James S. Juliano and Jill Evans La Penna, SHOUT Marketing & Media Relations
Get to Know Me!​​​​​​​
Below are some of the things I love and am inspired by!

Photos by Madison Parr, Peter Som, Avery Heeringa

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