Avery Heeringa
Frankie Costabile
Vanessa Orozco
Emmy Marsaglia

On a Tuesday afternoon during their Introduction to Journalism class, four students were separated into a Zoom breakout room with the task of discussing how they manage and balance their time with classes while juggling life.
“I stay organized by holding myself to doing tasks at certain times of the day,” said Avery Heeringa, 19, of Chicago. “Having a goal to be done at a certain time of the evening.” motivates him to stay on top of his tasks.
Similar to Avery’s tactic, Emmy Marsaglia, 18, of Chicago said “I try to look at my assignments in advance,” she then added, “I try to have a certain time to be done by every night.”
  Frankie Costabile, 25, of Chicago says “Prioritizing is important. I carve out time to study and do homework...also, it is important to have an understanding of the consequences that come with not completing your work.”
Vanessa Orozco, 18, of Chicago noted the importance of a calendar as a useful tool saying “whether it’s physical or on my phone, a calendar is my best friend. Sometimes I forget [my assignments] and plan things at the same time or with little time in between.” 
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