This is Avery Heeringa's portfolio. I affirm that all of the contents included in this portfolio are under my sole property (unless stated the collaborators' names). All content here is used to demonstrate my work experience and skills. Please do not copy or reproduce any part of the content without prior permission from the owner.
My work displayed here is the result of a summer internship with Study Breaks Magazine. Weekly, I submitted a variety of topics to write about and had one selected by my editor. This work is really where my creativity gets to shine!
With a positive uptick in national job listings, I spoke with some seniors at Columbia College Chicago about how they're feeling about their futures. This story is solo reporting by myself, that was seelcted to be published on ChicagoTalks
Maureen Keane of She Votes Illinois visited my reporting class to inform us on the advancement of menstrual equity bills in state congress. This article is solo reporting by myself, that was selected by my professor to be published on ChicagoTalks
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